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Post Category: Christian Life

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Seven Advent Resources for You & Yours!


Tis' The Season!  Are you feeling festive? Are you enjoying the lights, smells, and sounds of the Christmas season all around you?  ...Or maybe, like so many, you're feeling the Christmas blues because this is your first advent season after losing a loved one...getting that medical news you never thought you'd get...being laid off from job...or watching someone...

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Reformation Heroes, Polka, & Rock Music!


A few resources to help you be grateful for the recovery of the gospel through the protestant reformation!...

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Endless rain seems to punctuate the headline for this day called dreary. In writing a blog from this vantage point, one word catapulted from my thoughts: hope. Maybe you are in a season of gloom highlighted by dreariness. Maybe this word needs to be catapulted into your soul. One of the ongoing futile expeditions of many in their search for hope is looking in the wron...

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Welcome Home


Home is where the heart is. We all yearn for a home where we know we will be provided for, protected, encouraged, loved, celebrated, counseled, and very simply: wanted... ...

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